Transaction Validation

This is how you integrate and install Transaction Validation with Stripe

You can add a recipient to your Stripe account with different levels of permission in your Dashboard:

Just click ā€œNew userā€ in the upper-right, enter the email address provided by Transaction Validation of the person you are inviting as a team member and choose their role. If you hover over the information icon, you can find a summary of what the role can and cannot do. You can find more information about this on the docs here:

While you can set up different notifications, we only want the receipts or the payment successful. You should select to receive an email notification when any of the following occur:

– A payment is successfully made to your Stripe account
– A payment is marked as elevated risk by Stripe or by a custom rule in Stripe Radar

Email notifications can be enabled or disabled for each team member’s login in their user settings, which each team member can see here:

These work on a per-user basis. That is to say, if you have other team members on your Stripe account, each can choose to receive (or not) any of these default emailĀ notifications.

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